To tell the truth, I’d actually forgotten about this blog! Terrible, I know, but life has been so busy over the last, what 14 months, that something had to give, and this was it sadly.

Any way, I’m back!

So, whats been going on in the world of 8/16/32bit? Well, despite not having time to keep this blog updated, I have still been enjoying my retro gaming. I’ve added a few bits and pieces to my collection, which I’m now going to detail:

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) My wonderful wife bought me this last year. I’ve wanted one for absolutely ages, and after much ebay trawling she found me one at the right price. It came with the following games: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Godzilla, Digger T. Rock, and 10 Yard Fight.

Sega Dreamcast Another system that lived on my wish list seemingly forever. Bought this for myself from my new local retro pick up joint (oo-err), Rewind Collectables ( in Ashton Under Lyne. Didn’t pay overly much for the system itself (@£20), and picked up a couple of games (ECW Anarchy Rulz, Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur). I’ve bagged a few more games, some legit, some, shall we say less so (the magic of self booting CDRs… Dreamcast was far to easy to pirate games on in its day).

Sega Mega Drive 1 Another purchase from Rewind. Nice condition, scart lead, and a couple of games (EA Sports Double Header, Wrestle War). Grabbed a massive amount of games from the in-laws garage too, so I have the beginnings of a decent little collection.


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