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Define: Retrogames

Now this is a tricky one to define. Every gamer has his or her own definition of what makes retro. I’ve seen gamers who claim that only the 8-bit systems are ‘retro’ (NES,SMS,C64,ZX Speccy, etc), I’ve seen those who have retro cover the 16-bit systems too (SMD/Genesis,SNES,PCE, Amiga, etc). And some even allow the 32-bits […]


Welcome to 8/16/32bit

Yes, I know, it’s yet another retro gaming blog by a 30-something bloke who wants a place to ramble on semi coherently about his long past youth. I’d like to say that this blog will feature content which is radically different to any others out there, but frankly it probably won’t. It will feature reviews, […]