Scream Queen Icons #13: Christina Ricci hasn't done a huge amount of out-and-out horror films in her career. She has for a long time though been a bit
Schramm has finally arrived in the UK officially. Fully certified by the BBFC, and completely uncut, is this oft spoken of underground feature truly worthy
Born To Die On VHS... Now, that is an album title that for persons of a certain age (such as myself), conjures up fond memories of back street video
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is the somewhat belated sequel to Tobe Hoopers 1974 hit horror movie. Hooper returned to the franchise to direct this
Legendary flop Howard The Duck has finally arrived on Blu Ray here in the UK. But does the film live up to it's reputation as a genuine cinematic
A New Low is the latest release from Manchester based comedy metal lunatics Footprints In The Custard. But does the albums content live up to the

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