"Echoes of The Fall" is a 3 part series of fantasy novels by Arthur C. Clarke award winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky. But do they match the undoubted
Jorg Buttgereits "Nekromantik" is a legendary piece of underground film-making. Long unavailable in the UK, due to the censorious climate, it was much
So, once more I braved the journey into the wilds of Stalybridge, Fiends, to go and see the mighty Lesbian Bed Death perform. This was a very special
Scalps is a supernatural themed slasher film from 1983, directed by Fred Olen Ray. Now, 1983 was a bloody good year for slasher films, but does Scalps
Beyond The Gates is a love letter to the 1980s DTV horror explosion. It proudly wears it's love of these cheaply made movies on it's sleeve. Hell, the
Ah, Night Trap. The bete noir of the anti videogame crusade in the early 1990s. The first Full Motion Video (FMV) game playable in the home (Yes, there

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