Waxwork is a cult horror/comedy from director Anthony Hickox, who is perhaps best known for directing Hellraiser III. But is this cult curiosity worthy
C.H.U.D. II: Bud The Chud is the sequel to, well, C.H.U.D. And unlike it's precursor, it takes the concept into a much more comedic area. But is this the
Return of The Living Dead 3 is the last good film in the franchise. There, I've said it upfront. You don't have to read on to find out if I like it, but
The Gate was a late 80s attempt at making a "scary movie" aimed at a younger audience. Almost entirely gore free, the film instead tries to scare the viewer
Yes, fiends and fiendettes, my occasional series of "Trailer Trash" videos on YouTube is now becoming a regular feature!

I'm hoping to do a new trailer,
Popcorn is a late period entry in the slasher boom of the 1980s & early 90s. Eschewing the over the top gore that had become the genres calling card,

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