1st December 2021, Wednesday
Phantom Of The Mall: Erics Revenge is a late period entry into the 1980s slasher boom. And rather than the traditional focus on keeping its action
Gillian Anderson became one of Sci-Fis biggest pin ups in the 1990s with her starring role in The X-Files, alongside David Duchovny.

Since then, she
I'm a blu ray collector. I've been a collector of some description for as long as I can remember. Comic books, sticker albums, books, that's where it began.
Prom Night was part of the deluge of hasher films that followed in the wake of John Carpenters megabit Halloween. Thankfully, it is one of the better ones,
Halloween Kills is the 12th film in the long running franchise. A direct sequel to 2018s Halloween, the film takes place in the immediate aftermath of
It is safe to say that the Halloween franchise has few issues with it's timeline of events. Whilst never exactly a genre renown for it's impeccable continuity,

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