Tragedy “The Joy of Sex” (CD/MP3)

Just in time for their upcoming UK tour, New Yorks finest purveyors of disco-metal, Tragedy: The All Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees & Beyond unleash their latest opus: The Joy Of Sex.

Taking its cue from the iconic sex manual of the 1970s, this album features a number of songs which, upon reading the booklet, are inextricably linked to the band members (ooh-err) first viewings of the book. But is it any good? Read on….

First up, the tracklisting:

1. Maneater
2. Baker Street
3. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
4. Funkytown
5. Little Red Corvette
6. Borderline
7. Stayin’ Alive
8. Never Gonna Give You Up
9. Dress You Up
10. Physical
11. Dear Santa (Bring Me a Goddam Gentleman)

So, there are some tunes in there that are ripe for the Tragedy makeover, and a couple of curveballs. Yet they all work. As has become ever so predictable with Tragedy, the musicianship is top notch, and each song has a different style applied to it, which takes the original vibe and metals it up to a suitable level. Each band member (aside from The Lord Gibbeth) takes a turn on the vocals helping to lend variety to the set. After nearly a weeks worth of repeated playback, the tracks that stick in my head the most have to be the suitably knowing reworking of Rod Stewarts “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” (which was the UK #1 single the week I was born, trivia fans), the funky as fuck version of “Funkytown” (replete with some great gang vocals), and Rick Astleys now legendary “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Yes, Tragedy rick-roll you with their excellent version of this British pop classic. And a special mention goes to their new re-recording of “Stayin’ Alive”, which maintains the Bee Gees link.

Overall, this is a well produced, excellently performed album from a band who have a total understanding of how to cover non metal songs in a metal style without losing what made the originals so memorable in the first place.

5/5 Fiends. Disco-Metal devastation!

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