Doyle II: As We Die (CD/MP3)

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein returns with another album full of technicolour gore drenched horror punk/metal. But does it live up to the standards set by it’s predecessor? Read on, Fiends….

“Doyle” is the aforementioned axe mans nominally “solo” project, which features members of Cancerslug. The best way to describe the music is a hybrid of punk, thrash, and the Misfits at their most hardcore. Indeed, this is the sound that many Misfits fans would probably prefer the band themselves to be making. Maybe one day Doyle and his brother, Jerry Only, will reunite. Until then we have Doyle. Specifically “Doyle II: As We Die”.

Like Doyles first album, this is a brutal, heavy, much more metallic take on horror punk, which ably showcases Doyles chops and Alex Storys dark lyrics. But not only that, it has a groove. Doyles time in the Misfits has clearly influenced his melodic sensibility, as each song is prime headbanging/moshing fodder, replete with shout along chorus lines. My personal favourite is “We Belong Dead”, which is probably the most Misfits-esque track on the album for my money.

Overall, if you love the Misfits (any era of them), Danzig at his heaviest, or pretty much any horror punk, I can not recommend this album enough.

5/5 Fiends. Fiendishly good fun.

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