Live: Lesbian Bed Death & Death Party UK @ Gullivers NQ

So, on a slightly cold and dull November evening, I took a chance and ventured into Manchesters “Northern Quarter”, usually the domain of hipsters with top-knots, to see the mighty Lesbian Bed Death (again). Was this worth the trip into “enemy territory”? read on…

So, the gig was arranged by the Manchester Vampire Guild, as a celebration of their 5th anniversary. Support was provided by Death Party UK, a duo of veteran Goth artists who played a spirited brand of Cramps infused Goth ‘n’ Roll. It took them probably 2 or 3 songs to get into their groove, but once they did, they were more than acceptable. The highlight was probably their ramped up cover of the theme to the 1960s TV of Batman.

After Death Party UK had finished up, the stage was reset for Lesbian Bed Death. Sporting another line up change, with Circus Rebel Junkies Danni stepping into the guitar hot seat, LBD played their last show of 2017, capping off a hectic year for the band after a number of headline shows, a tour with The Birthday Massacre, and their first ever tour of Spain.

Now, the band themselves were on fire. Dan & Danni played guitar like there was no tomorrow (and Danni is truly an exceptional lead guitarist), And Sienna was at her snake hipped best, but they were deeply let down by a truly shit sound mix. The drum were completely dominant, drowning out any bass or guitar solos, and reducing Siennas vocals to a mere mumble. And even more sadly, the sound engineer seemed unable to remedy this. Indeed, the appeared to give up after 2 or 3 songs for the most part. Towards the back end of the set, the bass and guitar leads became more audible, but only barely. And this was a shame, as the band were clearly giving it everything they had onstage, being determined to engage and entertain the somewhat sparse crowd. The set list was crammed with songs from their catalogue, and even featured a new song, “Video Nasty”, which was commissioned for the bands appearance in the upcoming Brit horror film “Clownface”.

Overall, this was a 5/5 Fiends performance ruined by a 1/5 sound mix.

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