Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood (PSVR Game)

“Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood” is an on-rails horror shooter for the Playstation VR (PSVR). Developed by the team behind the PS4 survival horror hit “Until Dawn”, this game puts you in the role of an unnamed protagonist, riding a roller coaster/ghost train called Rush of Blood. The ride appears to be haunted, and populated by psychopaths, ghosts, zombies, and all manner of assorted creepy creatures.

To defend yourself, you have 2 pistols with unlimited ammunition. You shoot enemies, who thanks to the nature of VR come at you from all angles, as the ride moves from location to location. Each stage reaches its crescendo with a boss battle, before you are returned to the games hub area to start the next one.

Graphics & Sound

Visually, the game is excellent. The graphics are nicely done, with some superb animation. The fully 3D world generated by the VR headset really places you right into the action. And this can certainly lead to more than a few jump scares actually being far more effective than they otherwise would be. The audio is also outstanding, with excellent 3D positioning helping to create a truly immersive experience.


Sure, this is a genre of game that is inherently limited (being an on rails shooter), but there are multiple routes through the levels, and collectables to find. Also, the sheer joy of improving your score gets you to come back for repeated sessions. Naturally, this is not a game for children, being quite gory and loaded with jump scares. Indeed, this game succeeds in being an entertaining horror show far better than many modern horror films do, IMHO.

Overall, if you have a PSVR (or are looking at buying one), and love horror themed games then this is an essential purchase.

5/5 Fiends. Bloody good fun

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