Lesbian Bed Death: Live at The Bridge Inn (Review)

So, once more I braved the journey into the wilds of Stalybridge, Fiends, to go and see the mighty Lesbian Bed Death perform. This was a very special gig, however, as it marked the debut performance of the bands new lead vocalist. (who shall remain nameless and unseen until after the band officially unveil her in the coming weeks).

The Venue:

The venue was the Bridge Inn. This was located around the corner from the bands previous Stalybridge show, and for my money is a far superior venue. For a small scale pub room, the sound was remarkably clear and punchy. This gave the band a substantially heavy edge to their mix. The set was to be quite short, however as the band had a previously arranged video shoot. Also, the new vocalist was having some throat problems. This mean’t the band played for a little under 30 minutes or so.

The performance:

The setlist covered most periods of the band existence, but favoured more recent material. This was fine by me and the other “hardcore” Lesbian Bed Death fans in attendance (and there were a handful). The new vocalist certainly handled the material well. Indeed, I’d go on record as saying she is easily the most powerful vocalist the band has ever had, even with her sore throat. I genuinely can not wait to hear what she sounds like when she doesn’t need to hold bak, and can really open those pipes up.

As usual, the band were as tight as they could possibly be, and the lack of a live bassist doesn’t seem to be hurting them. (The band use pre-recorded bass tracks currently). 

The summary

I spoke to the new vocalist before the show, and she admitted to being nervous about the show. She had no need to be. She nailed it. I also spoke to rhythm guitarist Mr Peach, who confirmed that the band had a handful more shows before the end of the year, and that they were looking to tour some more in 2019.

The future looks bright for Lesbian Bed Death, and I can not wait to see where they go next.

5/5 Fiends. An excellent evenings entertainment.

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