A New Low: Footprints In the Custard Album Review

A New Low album artwork

A New Low is the latest release from Manchester based comedy metal lunatics Footprints In The Custard. But does the albums content live up to the title? Well, what do you think?

As ever with FITC, A New Low takes the low brow route for its humour. This should be evident through the song titles for this album: “Bums”, “My Granny’s A Gusher”, “CLIT Commander”, “Tequila Nips”…. need I go on? And, as I have now come to expect, the humour lands 99 times out of 100. Sure, some more sensitive folks might be put off by songs that reference octagenarians indulging in sexual play, or the way various activities give the singer “The Horn”, but for those who know and love FITC, this is comfortable, safe territory.

Just like their last album, FITC have taken even more huge strides as artists. The music is more complex, the arrangements more mature, and the production… Well, Ian Fraser has once again produced an album that sounds better than many so-called “professional” releases. Each instrument is clear, and doesn’t impinge on the others. And the drums. Oh my, the drums… A New Low is the debut for current FITC drummer Sladen, and he brings an almighty thunder to proceedings. Truly superlative drum work.

Top honours for this album go to the self explanatory “Don’t Be A Cunt”, the Trump-mocking “Space Force”, and the surprisingly mature “Bar At The End Of The World”. With the latter especially, FITC prove that they are more than just a bunch of drunken fools making loud noises. There is some truly heartfelt sentiment in there.

If you are at Bloodstock this year, be sure to check out FITC on the Thursday night as they play a weel deserved spot on the SOPHIE Stage. You will not be disappointed.

All in all, this is an essential purchase.

5/5 Fiends. A new high.

Buy here: https://footprintsinthecustard.bandcamp.com/

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