Tragedy: Live @ Club Academy.


So, on Saturday night I ventured out with my long suffering wife, and some of our good friends to go and check out “Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees & Beyond”. We initially just bought tickets because they were cheap and it looked like something a bit throw away and silly.

Oh, how wrong we were…

First up, the support band, “Muttley”. A po-punk 3 piece, these guys just did nothing for me. Nothing against them, but I’ve seen so many po-punk acts over the years, I’ve become very jaded about them. They were certainly very proficient, but they totally lost me with their cover of the Misfits classic “Hybrid Moments”. It just lacked the bite and menace that the original had, and sounded kinda flat. They are good at what they do, but it just wasn’t for me. Sorry.

The main men themselves, Tragedy!

Anyway, then it was time for the main event, Tragedy…

And they proceeded to blow me away completely. From the opening salvo of the Bee Gees song from which they take their name, to the closing feedback of their excellent rendition of “Total Eclipse of The Heart” Tragedy were a whirlwind of disco metal hooks, humorous banter, and showmanship. A particular shout out goes to “Lance”, the onstage roadie/towel boy. A character who could have been a distraction was actually a solid addition to the show, especially with is “fanny pack” full of glitter, which he liberally distributed over the crowd.


PArticular highlights were the excellent renditions of Neil (King) Diamonds “Sweet Caroline”, “Grease is the Word” (replete with band members giving head to a flying Vee guitar), and a fairly accurate yet still metal version of “How Deep is Your Love”. They also performed a medley, which featured local boy done good(ish) Rick Astleys “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Dragging a large number of ladies onto the stage the band climaxed “ahem” with an extended version of the aforementioned “Total Eclipse of The Heart”, which had everyone signing along.

If you get the chance to go see Tragedy in your neck of the woods, bloody well do so! They rock sweet balls!

5/5 Fiends. Electrifying!

Tragedy: Official

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