Born To Die ON VHS (Album)

Born To Die ON VHS (Album)

Born To DIe On VHS artwork

Born To Die On VHS… Now, that is an album title that for persons of a certain age (such as myself), conjures up fond memories of back street video rental shops, and countless straight to video horror movies. And naturally, this is the intent. Lesbian Bed Death have come roaring back with an album comprised mainly of cover versions taken from 1980s horror films. And, yes, it’s bloody good.


As is often the case with Lesbian Bed Death, this album features a change in personnel. The biggest change is the return of Luci4, vocalist from the bands first 2 albums. Her surprise return earlier in 2019 was much welcomed by the bands fanbase, and seems to herald a return to the harder edged sound found on those early releases. The album also features a number of guest vocals by other female vocalists, which adds a real depth to the backing tracks. Mr Peach and Dani J Rankin handle the bulk of the guitars (and bass), with guest work from Steve Lethal. Drums are provided by Aimee Violet (who has been with the band for quite some time now in a live capacity).

As expected, the musicianship on display is top notch. LBD have always been a solid entity on the instrumental front, with some truly exceptional talent passing through the band over the years. And as for the returning Luci4… well, like a fine wine, her vocals have only improved with age. She seems to have a power and control over her voice she lacked somewhat in her earlier stint. And this helps add to the albums overall power. I’d even go as far as saying this is the hardest the band have sounded since their inception.

And the selected songs? Well, we have choice cuts from Dokken (Dream Warriors), W.A.S.P. (Scream Until You Like It), Motorhead (Hellraiser), and 45 Grave (Partytime) amongst others. Each track takes the original and adds a unique LBD twist to the sound. Each cover is perfectly chosen, and for horror fans will give them a misty eyed nostalgia kick. My personal favourite is the Scream Until You Like it cover, mostly because W.A.S.P. are my all time favourite band. Added to this are a handful of new songs written by the band. Of these, the albums title track is probably my top pick, being the band at it’s hard hitting, full pelt best.


Now, if you are a long time LBD fan, Born To Die On VHS is a must buy. It is a distillation of the bands very essence. For newcomers, it could well be the best way into the bands works. The mix of covers and new material is nigh on perfect. If you get the chance to see the band over the coming months, do so. Like all independent bands, they need your support, and are most certainly worth it.

5/5 Fiends. Absolutely fucking essential.

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