The Best Of 80s Scream Queens

The Best Of 80s Scream Queens

The Best Of 80s Scream Queens from 88 Films packs together 3 prime examples of the direct-to-video exploitation boom. All 3 films in the set are by legendary exploitation director David DeCocteau. But are they worth your time? Read on, Fiends…


First up we have Nightmare Sisters:

Buck-toothed Melody, bespectacled Marci, and chubby Mickey are socially awkward sorority sisters. Desperate for some fun, they invite a trio of equally nerdy fraternity pledges over for a party. The party fizzles and the guys are on the verge of leaving when the girls try to liven things up by holding a séance. The crystal ball they use at the séance is cursed and causes the girls to become possessed by a succubus.

The suddenly sexy (and mostly nude) girls share some pie and a bath and then set out to seduce and murder their guests. The girls take on new personas to help them trap their prey. Mickey becomes a bikini-clad jungle girl, Marci transforms herself into a pigtail-sporting naughty girl, and Melody changes into a wild rock chick. The boys fight temptation and try to find help for the girls. The situation gets more complicated when the boys’ loutish fraternity brothers show up looking to score.

Next up, Deadly Embrace:

Starring Airwolf’s main man Jan‑Michael Vincent as a hunky Beverly Hills husband. He is being stalked by a heartbroken high heeled pin-up and the result is both creepy and creatively nasty! Add in his wife and her lover, and things soon turn complicated.

And finally, Murder Weapon:

The two daughters of some mobsters get out of the sanitarium after having killed a boyfriend in the shower. They are supposedly cured and on the right track. They decide hold a party and invite their old boyfriends, making all of them think there is still hope for a relationship. Then the boyfriends start disappearing one by one.


Lets cut to the chase. None of these films will win any awards for their acting, writing, or direction. They were all made cheaply and quickly, purely to make as much money as possible from home video. And in their aim, they largely succeed. With ample flesh on display from Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Brinke Stevens, this trio of terror hit the mark. Each of these ladies could carry a direct-to-video film to financial success on their own, so combining them was a bonanza for the makers. Each film is relatively brief, clocking in at 84 minutes at the longest. As such they don’t outstay their welcome. The cinematography is about as good as can be expected, as is the audio. 88 Films have done a good job with their HD masters, making these films look the best they probably ever have done.

The Discs

The main draw here is the trio of films themselves. As such, the set contains no extras whatsoever. Desoite this, it remains good value, giving you 3 full features for your money.

The Verdict

5/5 Fiends. Essential for all you Scream Queen lovers out there.

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