Tragedy: Live From The Black Country (CD/DVD)

Tragedy: Live From The Black Country (CD/DVD)

Tragedy: Live From The Black CountryTragedy: Live From The Black Country is a live album recorded by New York’s masters of Disco-Metal during their 2019 UK tour. Shot in Bilston at the Robin II, it showcases the band doing what they do best. But is it any good? Well, you know the drill by now…


Tragedy are the world best Disco-Metal band. This is an undeniable fact. They rock sweet balls, and can do no wrong. They even said so as the title of an album just so you are sure. This show from their 2019 UK tour took place in the birthplace of heavy metal, the Black Country (that’s the British Midlands, near Birmingham for those who don’t know). Clocking in at just over 100 minutes, this is a hit filled set featuring many of the bands wonderful reworking of disco and pop classics. You get the Theme From Fame, Disco Inferno, Summer Nights, How Deep Is Your Love, Sweet Caroline, and many more.

Now, this could easily be a lazy joke, but it really isn’t. Each of the band members (except Lance. Fuck Lance) is a talented musician in their own right. Lead by the irrepressible Mo’Royce Peterson (Guitars, vocals), the band consists of The Lord Gibbeth (Drums), Disco Mountain Man (Keyboards, vocals), Andy Gibbous Waning (Bass, vocals), Garry Bibb (Guitars, vocals), and Lance (towels, blow jobs, general fuckwittery). Every member (except Lance. Fuck Lance) gets their moments to shine. And they make for a glorious whole (or hole if you prefer).

Tragedy: Live From The Black Country
Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees & Beyond

Between the songs, the band have perfected the art of onstage banter and provide just as many laughs as they do banging riffs. It is immediately obvious that not only are the crowd enjoying the show, but the band are too. And it can not be overstated just how important that is. If the band is going through the motions, the crowd will notice, and that is how to fuck a gig.

Tragedy: Live From The Black Country The Verdict:

Buy it. No if’s, no but’s. It’s a live album right up there with Kiss “Alive”. Or Kiss “Alive 2”. And even Kiss “Alive 3”. It is a genuinely fun and exciting watch (or listen), and you would be a damned fool (or Lance. Seriously, fuck Lance) to miss it.

5/5 Fiends. Seriously, FUCK LANCE!

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