Night Of The Demons 2 (UK Reg B Blu Ray)

Night Of The Demons 2 (UK Reg B Blu Ray)

Night Of The Demons 2Night Of The Demons 2 is the sequel (duh!) to 80s horror favourite Night Of The Demons. Released some 6 years after the original, is it worth watching this campy, gory film? Or are you just wasting your time, and money, on it? Well, read on to find out, Fiends…


NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988) was one of the most popular and prolific shockers of the VHS rental era so it was inevitable that a sequel would be forthcoming – but few fans could have expected that NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 (1994) would be so outrageous, gooey, creature-packed and over-the-top! Arguably even more beloved than the original monster mash, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 introduces a new line-up of young victims for the glamorous Angela (Amerlia Kinkade), who is ready to munch and mutilate anyone who treads into her haunted abode. A perfect late night shocker, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 highlights stunning special effects by Steve Johnson (GHOSTBUSTERS) and a typically gross-out approach from director Brian Trenchard-Smith (TURKEY SHOOT).

So, that’s the official synopsis from 88 Films. And it doesn’t give much away in terms of what actually happens in the film itself. So, how about this instead:

Six years after the massacre at Hull House, the demonic Angela returns. And this time, she has set her sights on her younger sister, Mouse. Mouse is boarding at a local Catholic school for troubled teens, and lives up to her name. Quiet & meek, she is tricked into going back to Hull House, and almost sacrificed in a ritual. But Angela won’t let her live without a fight. And soon, all Mouses friends will find themselves under attack. The only ones who can save her include the schools feared, but well meaning, head Nun. But will she be able to save mouse from Angelas evil plan?

Yeah. That’s a better one. So, the plot is pretty straightforward. Demons, sacrifice, murder. All good things for a cheesy horror flick from the early 90s.

Night Of The Demons 2 Analysis:

As a film, Night Of The Demons 2 doesn’t take itself too seriously. It knows it is a preposterous premise, and plays with this lovingly. Directed by schlock auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith (best known for debuting a young Nicole Kidman in cult classic BMX Bandits), NOTD2 revels in it’s campy excess. Angela is gloriously over the top, really enjoying her demonic prowess and skills. She is the gruesome, joyful heart of the film. Indeed, if the film had her played “straight”, it just wouldn’t work at all. It would be too silly to accept. The campiness is needed to bring the audience into the film and it’s world successfully.

Trenchard-Smith adds a few other touches to the film that stand out. After the pre-credits prologue humorously sets up the return of Angela, we get a 20 minute sequence that turns the film into a “Porkys” alike. This can throw the viewer a bit, as we get boys spying on girls through windows, etc. But it all helps to build up to when the film rips into gloriously gory life in it’s second half.

The acting is actually a cut above the usual for a film of this type, with each actor being (mostly) convincing. Yes, they all conform to horror movie stereotypes, but that is what you expect, and indeed demand, from a film like this. Each stereotype fills a role in the plot progression as it should. The effects work is pretty damned good, given the constraints. It easily matches up to any of it’s early 90s peers (such as the never ending Full Moon features), and is suitably gross when required.

The Disc:

This isn’t the most loaded disc around, but the extras are as follows:

  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation.
  • Uncompressed LPCM Stereo Audio.
  • Optional English SDH Subtitles.
  • Interview with Special Effects Designer, Steve Johnson.
  • Trailer.

Somewhat perfunctory for sure, but at least there are some. Too often films like this are released as “bare bones” discs.

Now, like many low budget, direct to video films of the day, the cinematography isn’t anything spectacular. Yes, there are a few moments of style, such as the Evil dead styled POV shots, and a few of the gore scenes are shot with a loving, lingering eye. But in general, it is adequately shot and lit. Yes, there is grain present, but not to a distracting level. Audio is a perfectly fine stereo mix.

Night Of The Demons 2 The Verdict:

If you can get this for the right price (at the time of writing in March 2021 it is just £10 on Amazon), then you won’t be disapointed. Night Of The Demons 2 is a fun, campy, gory little film that will surely be enjoyed by most horror fans.

3.5/5 Fiends. Just let down by the sparse extras.

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