Friday the 13th Part 3 (in 3D)

Friday the 13th Part 3 (in 3D)

In 1982, 3D films were enjoying somewhat of a ‘second coming’, after their brief run of popularity in the 1950s. Chief amongst the hit films of this phase in 3D cinemas development was the 2nd sequel in the Friday the 13th franchise.


Friday the 13th Part 3 also introduced one of the franchises signature motifs: Jasons hockey mask. In Part 2, Jason wore a simple ‘bag’ over his deformed head, with an eye hole cut into it. Thanks to the hapless Shelly herein, he gains the now iconic hockey mask.

Anyway, synopsis time:

Once again, a bunch of teenagers descend upon the Crystal Lake area for a weekend of fun and frolics. For one of the party, it is a homecoming, albeit one she has been dreading after a mysterious incident some years earlier. Meanwhile the supposedly dead Jason Voorhees makes his way back towards the lake from his ramshackle cabin….


And thats the basic premise. You really don’t need to know much more to see the film. As the franchise goes, F13 part 3 is one of the better made entries. The 3D process used meant that the film makers had to set shots up perfectly, otherwise the 3D effect wouldn’t work. This gives the film a more ‘cinematic’ look than most of the pothers in the series. And the 3D effects hold up pretty well, even if for some unknown reason the only way to see the film at home in 3D is via shitty anaglyphtic red/blue glasses. Paramount has not, and seemingly will not release a proper Blu Ray 3D version of this film. Even in standard 2 D though, the effects are fun, especially the legendary crushed head. And each of the films kills are done in extremely creative manners, taking full advantage of the 3D process, literally adding a whole new dimension to Jasons repetoire.


Overall, this is a fun entry in the franchise, which introduces the series most iconic image (Jason in his hockey mask), and features some of the films most likeable characters (like Shelly… we all wanted him to survive didn’t we?).

4/5 Fiends.

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