Halloween is the latest entry into the now 41 year old franchise. Now, since John Carpenters 1978 original, the series has been somewhat varied in
"Alien" is a true classic of both the sci-fi and horror genres. At its core, it is a "haunted house" / "stalk & slash" horror film set aboard
"Echoes of The Fall" is a 3 part series of fantasy novels by Arthur C. Clarke award winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky. But do they match the undoubted
Jorg Buttgereits "Nekromantik" is a legendary piece of underground film-making. Long unavailable in the UK, due to the censorious climate, it was much
So, once more I braved the journey into the wilds of Stalybridge, Fiends, to go and see the mighty Lesbian Bed Death perform. This was a very special
Scalps is a supernatural themed slasher film from 1983, directed by Fred Olen Ray. Now, 1983 was a bloody good year for slasher films, but does Scalps

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