19th September 2021, Sunday
The Torture Chamber of Dr Sadism. Just trips off the tongue, doesn't it? As a film title it grabs you immediately. You wonder what aberrant atrocities
Disco Balls To The Wall is the first album by New York Disco-Metal kingpins Tragedy to be released on Napalm Records. A compilation album of the band finest
Zombie Creeping Flesh is yet another entry into the Italian "Dawn Of The Dead" rip-off genre. And much like many of it's peers, it focuses more on
Phantasm is an iconic horror series. From the deadly floating spheres, to Angus Schrimms "Tall Man", the films have seared nightmare images across the
Scream Queen Icon: Eileen Daly.
Eileen Daly is an oft forgotten British "scream queen" from the 1990s. She is best known for starring in the low budget
The Friday The 13th Collection Deluxe Edition is quite possibly the ultimate box set for avid F13 fans such as myself. Containing the entire saga (including

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