Doom Asylum. Somehow this film avoided me back in the early to mid 90s when I was ravenously consuming every horror film my local rental store had. But
Jamie Lee Curtis is the godmother of all modern scream queens. Beginning with John Carpenters late 70s masterpiece Halloween, she went on to star in
Rawhead Rex was the 2nd time a Clive Barker story had reached the silver screen. Scripted by Barker himself, is this mid 1980s romp worthy of your attention?
Return Of The Living Dead Part 2 is the sequel to Dan O'Bannons surprise hit, Return Of The Living Dead. Bringing back 2 of the stars from that film to
The Chill Factor is a little heralded slasher from the early 1990s. Resurrected on blu ray by the wonderful folk at Arrow, this rarely seen slice &
So, my Return Of The Living Dead print comparison page has had a major update. Rather than being just a list of static images, I have begun the process
Puppet Master 4 Blu Ray
Puppet Master 4 Blu Ray
Puppet Master 4 is the first of the retconned timeline PM films to take place in the modern world. After Part 3 turned the original PM, Andre Toulon, into a good guy, an all new master for the tiny terrors was needed.
The Fog
The Fog
The Fog was John Carpenters follow up to his surprise hit Halloween. Like Halloween, The Fog favours atmosphere over gore,

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