254 Trioxin cover

A few years ago, a book was released titled “The Complete History of The Return Of The Living Dead”. The book was an exhaustively researched, and highly detailed look at the making of all 5 films within the franchise (yes, even the really shitty parts 4 & 5). Now, from the same authors comes “245 Trioxin: The Story of The Return Of The Living dead”, a companion tome, which focuses purely on the seminal 1st entry in the franchise.

Now, much of the interview material is repeated from the original book, but it is supplemented with extra pieces from most (if not all) the major players. And the extra detail just adds to the feeling that, barring the issues with Bill Munns and his sub-par effects, this was a very fun and exciting film to work on for the most part.

The book itself is a beautifully designed hardback, featuring a new cover by Graham Humphreys (who also designed the iconic original UK VHS sleeve for the film). Inside, the glossy pages are bedecked with hundreds of stunning behind the scenes photos from the films cast and crew, presented in an interesting and artistic layout. There are also a fair few original illustrations to be found as well.

My only real gripe is that there are a few errors (in my copy at least) where a few lines of text are repeated, or a sub heading is missing. Beyond that, though,”245 Trioxin: The Story of The Return Of The Living Dead” is a fine book, and well worthy of a place in any self respecting horror fans collection. It also makes for an excellent companion to the “Complete History” title.

5/5 Fiends. Bloody good reading.

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