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Goth/Alt/Nerd of the Week #12: Poison Ivy Rorschach

Poison Ivy Rorschach (born Kristy Marlana Wallace) was the guitarist/manager of legendary rockabilly/rock n roll punks The Cramps. Her distinctive guitar sound borrowed heavily from early electric guitar pioneers such as Link Wray, filtered through rockabilly, surf rock, R’N’B, and all kinds of assorted esoterica.

She provided the perfect foil to her husband, Cramps frontman Lux Interior, right up to his untimely passing in 2009.


Fiends and Fiendettes, Poison Ivy: (Most pictures (c) Lux Interior/The Cramps)


Goth/Alt./Nerd of the Week #11

Ladies and Gentlefiends, please give a warm hand to our 11th G/A./N of the Week, miss Ellie Church!

Ellie is an actress & model from Greenwood, Indiana, and has worked with legendary indy studio, Troma!

Head on over to her FB page and give her a ‘Like’:


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Goth/Alt./Nerd of the Week #8

This weeks G/A./N is the ever beautiful Kittie Racchea.

Kittie is an Alt. model, blogger, and lead singer with P.o.D. favorites Lesbian Bed Death. She has appeared on 2 albums for the band, and in a number of their music videos.

Visit here now on Facebook:

Fiends and Fiendettes, Kittie Racchea: (all images copyright their respective photographers. Any uncredited images, I currently can not find anyone to attribute them to. If you know who owns the copyright, please contact me with the details.)

Goth/Alt./Nerd of the Week #7

And this week, we induct red Dwarfs Chloe Annett.

Chloe was the 2nd actress to portray Listers long lost love interest Kochanski, and she was by far the sexier (the original Kochanski was Scot Clare Grogan, better known as an early 80s pop star). I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe Annett once, and she was just as attractive in the flesh (plus she played with my nipple piercing!).

Fiends and Fiendettes, Chloe Annett:


Goth/Alt./Nerd of the Week #6

This weeks inductee is: Violet Berlin.

If you were a gamer back in the early 1990s, and lived in the UK, Violet Berlin was most probably your object of lust. Nerdy, sexy, and an actual gamer girl, Violet could be found presenting ‘Bad Influence’ CITVs answer to Channel 4s ‘Games Master’. Indeed, she was so popular that Codemasters included her as a character in Micro Machines 2. After ‘Bad Influence’ went off the air, Violet continued to make videogmaing shows for Sky TV and various satellite and cable channels.


Ladies and Gentlefiends, Violet Berlin.

Goth/Alt./Nerd of The Week #5

This weeks G/A./N of the Week is our first Male entry: iconic US horror host Count Gore De Vol.

Originally on the TV in the 1970s in and around Washington DC area, Count Gore left the air in 1987, resurfacing for a 1 off special on the Millenium eve, before being ressurected as an online personality, with his ‘Weekly Web Feature’. In this respect he was a pioneer for the Horror Host community, and many more have followed in his wake…

Fiends and Fiendettes, Count Gore De Vol:

P.O.D. Goth/Alt./Nerd of the week #1

To celebrate all the cool/sexy/bizarre/awesome Goth and Alt. Internet Celebrities, the P.O.D. is launching a weekly highlight feature.

And first up is YouTube sensation Hannah Minx/Jinx. Miss Minx is probably most famous for her ‘JWOW’ videos (JWOW stands for Japanese Word of The Week), whereby she teaches her viewers a new Japanese word each week. She is also famous for her cosplay antics… and her rather large, ahem, ‘assets’. To see more of her on YouTube click the following link:

The P.O.D. Hannah Mix Gallery: