Franchises have become the buzz word in Hollywood over the last couple of decades. Almost no new big budget films are released as “stand alone” titles. And horror is no exception to this. Indeed, you could argue that horror films were ahead of the curve with franchises. Hammer had it’s Dracula & Frankenstein franchises back in the 50s, 60s & 70s. And then the slasher film boom created a whole load of new ones.

So, here is a list of the major Horrorwood, sorry, Hollywood horror franchises in terms of box office performance (based on available data):

  1. The Conjuring: $2.12bn

  2. Alien: $1.35bn

  3. Saw: $1.01bn

  4. Paranormal Activity: $890.5m

  5. Jaws: $799.1m

  6. Halloween: $773.9m

  7. Scream: $689.4m

  8. The Exorcist: $666.5m

  9. Final Destination: $665.1m

  10. The Purge: $504.7m

  11. A Nightmare On Elm Street: $474.3m
  12. Friday The 13th: $468.2m
  13. Predator: $443.1m
  14. Blade: $415.1m
  15. Blair Witch: $341.5m
  16. Childs Play: $333.9m
  17. The Grudge: $309.3m
  18. Poltergeist: $306.4m
  19. The Omen: $253.7m
  20. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: $252.3m
  21. Zombieland: $225.2m
  22. I Know What You Did Last Summer: $209.5m
  23. The Evil Dead: $154.2m
  24. The Fly: $129m
  25. Fright Night: $68.8m
  26. The Return Of The Living Dead: $23.4m
  27. Phantasm: $19.6m
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