Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. As a title, it jumps right off the shelf. But, is it worth watching? Well, read on to find out, Fiends…


Private detective Jack Chandler is hired to find teenage runaway Samantha. As he searches through Hollywood for her, he becomes embroiled in a murderous cult of hookers. These hookers worship the chainsaw, and are sacrificing clients by hacking them up. Can Jack find Samantha before she is inducted into this cult by the mysterious Master? Or will he too become a victim of the Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers?


Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a legendary quickie filmed by exploitation legend Fred Olen Ray. Shot for just $50k in under a week, the film looks surprisingly good. Some of the sets were left over from Vamp (or House 2 depending on who you ask), which makes some scenes look far more expensive than they were. Being honest, the film exists purely to show Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer in various stages of undress. A bit of light gore is thrown in to keep with the title. And the original Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen, appears as the cult leader for extra exploitation points.

Overall, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a reasonably entertaining film, especially if you are a big fan of 80s scream queens. If you are not, then there isn’t much to reccommend here.

The new print looks about as good as you would expect from a film shot this quickly & cheaply.

The Disc

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers comes on a very well appointed set from 88 Films:

  • Brand New Director overseen Restoration
  • 5.1 DTS-HD MA soundtrack
  • LPCM Stereo Soundtrack
  • Audio Commentary with director Fred Olen Ray and David DeCoteau
  • Audio Commentary with Justin Kerswell, author of TEENAGE WASTELAND: THE SLASHER FILM UNCUT.
  • Original Theatrical T:railer (HD)
  • Fred Olen Ray’s Nite Owl Theater
  • Remembering Chainsaw Hookers 27 years later (HD)
  • Archive Making of Documentary

You also get a full copy of Linnea Quigleys Horror Workout thrown in as well!

So, 5/5 Fiends if you love Scream Queens. 2/5 fiends if you don’t.

Buy it at Amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hollywood-Chainsaw-Hookers-Blu-ray-Gunnar/dp/B00NQ9HVFO/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=hollywood+chainsaw+hookers&qid=1586955613&sr=8-1

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