As with the original, the soundtrack to Return of The Living Dead Part 2 looked to capture an element of the current cultural zeitgeist. Rather than heading down the punk/hardcore/goth avenue of it’s predecessor, the Part 2 OST looked instead to the burgeoning “alternative” scene and the then very current “hair metal” bands. It sure does make for an odd mix…


The album starts off with Julian Cope (of the iconic indie/alt band The Teardrop Explodes) and his slightly bizarre pop anthem “Spacehopper”, within which he appears to be comparing his lady friend to a spacehopper. Weird. And whoever cued this album up then made a strange choice, transitioning to British sleaze rockers Zodiac Mindwarp with their track “High Priest Of Love”.

The album continues its bizarre trajectory, heading through Anthrax (I’m The Man), electronic dance pioneers Mantronix (Big Band B-Boy), a never heard of before or since The Big O (an excellent version of The Monster Mash), Leatherwolf (Alone in The Night), back to Anthrax (A.D.I./The Horror of It All), Lamont (Alone in The Night), before ending up with an instrumental “The Dead Return”, much like the first films album did.

The jumps between the differing genres can be jarring at times, but listened to as a whole this album just about holds together. Not as succesful as the first films soundtrack, this is nonetheless an interesting curio, highlighting just how much the makers of the film wanted to match the success of the first film, whilst simultaneously failing to quite grasp what made it so unique in the first place.

3.5/5 Fiends.

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