Return Of The Living Dead SE

Return Of The Living Dead SE:

Ok, Fiends, I won’t bore you with another run through of the plot for Return of The Living Dead SE, as I have reviewed the film on DVD previously (see here:RoTLD Review). Suffice to say it’s a fucking awesome film, and probably my all time favorite horror ever made.

The Film:

This latest re-release is quite possibly the most impressive edition so far. Available on DVD and Blu Ray, the film hasn’t looked this good since it was released to the cinemas in 1985. Indeed, having seen an original 1985 print, I’d actually argue it never looked this good before! The picture quality is truly superb. For a low budget horror film, this is one of the best looking transfers I’ve ever seen. It really impresses with deep blacks, and vivid colours.

And the the soundtrack shines! There are 3 different version of the soundtrack. The tweaked 5.1 mix, the tweaked 2.0 mix, and the original 1.0 mono mix. This hasn’t been available since Tartans DVD release some 15 or so years ago.

The Extras:

And the all new extras are also stunning. The centrepiece is a 2 hour documentary entitled ‘More Brains: A Return to the Living Dead). This features all new interviews with as many surviving members of the cast and crew as humanly possible. The quality of this documentary is truly superb. It acts as a companion piece to the book ‘A Complete History of Return of The Living Dead’, exposing just how tough a time the cast and crew had. Somehow, it also reveals how fondly they regard the film itself. Also included is a shorter look at RoTLD 2 and RoTLD 3. There is also a featurette on the make up, the music and a few other bits and pieces.

Then there is the packaging. This is possibly the best packaged release thus far, coming in a beautifully illustrated steelbook case on Blu Ray.

Return Of The Living Dead SE: The Verdict.

If you love this film, this is THE definitive version of the film.

5 Fiends out of 5!



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