Scream Queen Icon #15 Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is the godmother of all modern scream queens. Beginning with John Carpenters late 70s masterpiece Halloween, she went on to star in a handful of other horror movies. She subsequently hit the mainstream with her role in Trading Places.

Since then, she has returned to the genre in 3 further Halloween films. And with 2 more Halloween sequels to be released, she will be the godmother for a long time yet.

Fiends and Fiendettes, I give you “The Godmother”:

Official Twitter: JLC Twitter

Jamie Lee Curtis Gallery:

Selected Filmography:

Halloween, 1978.

The Fog, 1980.

Terror Train, 1980.

Prom Night, 1980.

Halloween 2, 1981.

Trading Places, 1983.

True Lies, 1994.

Halloween H20, 1998.

Virus, 1999.

Halloween: Resurrection, 2002.

Halloween, 2018.

Halloween Kills, 2021.

Halloween Ends, 2022.

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